Chitra Natarajan

HypnoBirthing® Docent

I work with expectant parents to help them have a positive and healthy childbirth experience. I have my own practice in Netherlands and my clientele is predominantly expat. I am a certified HypnoBirthing® HypnoMothering® & HypnoFertility® Practitioner and I trained as a Childbirth Educator with BirthPathways – Lamaze International at Los Angeles, USA.

I am also a HypnoBirthing Infant Massage Practitioner and I recently received a Certificate of Waterbirth Education Approved by the American College of Nurse Midwives through Waterbirth International, USA.

After I had my baby, friends and acquaintances who were expecting started approaching me for advice and consultation. Their feedback was that my advice was helpful. That prompted me to examine my own beliefs regarding childbirth and to look for structured methodologies/philosophies that came close. I found HypnoBirthing® and Lamaze philosophy mirroring my experience and I got myself formally certified.
I am really enjoying my role as someone who can support, help and guide a woman before conception, during pregnancy, preparing for Childbirth and help and guide during breastfeeding.

Childbirth practices have a huge cultural element. I try to understand a culture through the lens of Childbirth practices. It is interesting how the cultures adapt (or do not adapt) to emerging scientific research.

The Netherlands has a long tradition of home-birthing. It is safe and secure with sufficient protection for complications. Expats can find the practice surprising. My profession provides a lot of satisfaction and is emotionally rewarding. I get most satisfaction when expectant parents follow my advice and a difficult situation is resolved.

Telefoon: +31 (0) 6 43061731
Instagram: @akriti__official

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